Puritec.com Announces Name Change to Puriteam.com


Whole House Water Filtration Company, PuriTec.com Announces Name Change to PuriTeam.com

Puritec.com. announced that it will immediately begin operating under the new name Puriteam.com.  Puriteam.com will continue to provide whole house water filtration systems and air purification systems to its customers.  Puriteam.com is under the same ownership and dedicated to the same levels of customer service as always. Customers are encouraged to call 888-491-4100 with any specific questions regarding the change.

Kennett Square, PA, December 30, 2009 – The Water Team, Inc announced today that it will immediately begin operating under the name Puriteam.com after operating under the Puritec.com name for the past 10 years. Puriteam will continue to serve their customers with the best whole house water filters and air purifiers on the market today.

“We are owned by The Water Team Inc. and wanted to emphasize the “team” aspect of our business in our name,” says President & CEO Maria Williams.  ”We are excited that our new name reflects our team approach to serving our customers.  Our team-based culture is evident in everything we do.  Our corporate name is The Water Team Inc., so it makes perfect sense that our web presence should reflect that name as well.”

Williams is very careful to emphasize that Puriteam.com was not bought by another company and Puriteam.com will be operated by the same group of dedicated people its customers have already come to know and rely on.“The only discernible change that our customers will recognize,” said Williams, “is an improved website designed to make our customers online experiences more enjoyable”

Puriteam.com is a popular website for whole home water filtration system and air purifier needs for the smart homeowner. The Puriteam.com website offers water purification systems for well water treatment city water as well as customers with well water.

About Puriteam.com

PuriTeam is a leading provider of advanced and effective technologies in air purification and whole house water filtration for commercial and residential use worldwide. Puriteam.com is owned by The Water Team Inc., a female-owned Pennsylvania corporation.

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